“Why So Cheap?”

The most frequent question we are asked is “why are you selling so cheaply”? Once you understand the pricing/margin policies of mainstream (bricks and mortar) retail jewellers, you will quickly understand how we can offer such incredible value.

Leading Australian (and world) retail jewellers sell jewellery for around three to four (yes 4) times the underlying cost of materials.
Their business model is based upon protracted retail service in assisting customers to custom design, and purchase the ring of their dreams. While this is a wonderful service, it is VERY labour-intensive process. They also buy their diamonds (in most cases) from a local wholesaler, as opposed to buying directly from diamond cutters, further adding to their costs.

Our simple formula:
# We purchase high quality, certified diamonds directly from diamond cutters (offshore);
# A combined, online and office viewing/collection, business model;
# Predesigned settings, avoiding exorbitant custom design costs;
# Lower inventory costs;
# Enables us to operate on MUCH lower margins; and
# Customers enjoy significantly better resale value....

We (always) deal directly with some of the world leading diamond cutters. We set our rings in predefined settings, avoiding the long process of custom design. We do not pay exorbitant retail store costs – we are predominantly an online seller, and also offer direct viewing/collection in one central office (not retail) location. We hold limited stock, avoiding the associated costs of an extensive inventory catalogue. Given this, we can also sell on very low margins.

Significantly better resale value
As you will see from our listings, our engagement rings regularly value at well over double our asking price. We provide higher quality diamonds than those generally available in mainstream (not high end) retail stores. Another significant benefit to our customers is that they experience much better resale values, should they ever decide to resell. Second-hand jewellery regularly sells for around 1/3rd new replacement value – our rings will only lose around 10% to 15% in value (if any) – in time they will appreciate with diamond prices.

Better bang for buck!

In summary – you get higher quality diamonds at a much lower price. Don’t just take our word for it – you are more than welcome to have an independent valuation completed (at your expense) on any of our rings that you are considering buying. Why not take advantage of our free shipping and 30 day returns, and have the item valued independently during this time. We LOVE hearing from you – don’t hesitate to contact us.